World Cup Qualifying: Who's in and Who's out

Final Group Matches and Playoffs:

Tunisia vs Libya: Tunisia needs a draw to qualify.

Congo vs Guinea: Congo needs a Tunisia lose and to win by 2 goals.

Morocco vs Cote D’Ivoire: Morocco need a draw or win to qualify. Cote D’Ivoire need to just win one of the games and the qualify.

Senegal vs South Africa: Senegal qualifies by getting at least two points from their two matches. South Africa qualifies if they win both their matches against Senegal.

Burkina Faso vs Cape Verde: Both Burkina Faso and Cape Verde qualifies if they beat the other. They also need Senegal to get only one point from their two matches.

Australia vs Honduras: The winner over the 2 legs qualifies.

Peru vs New Zealand: The winner over the 2 legs qualifies.

Playoff pots that have yet to be paired:

Pot 1 - Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Croatia

Pot 2 - Sweden, Greece, Northern Ireland, Ireland

Countries that are noticeably absent:

Chile: Chile need a lot to happen for them to get knocked out of contention and that’s just what happened. They needed a win at Brazil, Argentina to tie or lose and Columbia the then 3rd place team in the group to beat Peru the 7th place team. But Brazil came to play, some guy named Messi decided to show up for Argentina and won the game all by himself while Columbia let one simple goal slip by and boom there goes Chile’s chances.

Netherlands: The Netherlands needed an absolute dominant performance against Sweden to the tune of 6-0 but they only had Robben to depend on therefore only ended up scoring twice thus officially knocking them out of contention.

USA: What can I say of this game that would clearly define what happened and my feelings towards this side. USA was downright pathetic. USA couldn’t have asked for a better chance to qualify for the World cup then getting to face the last placed team in the group in Trinidad and yet they squandered it. They were overconfident and arrogant as they had the mindset that they were already qualified for the World Cup and this showed on the field with the way they came out of the gate compared to Trinidad. Not only did USA play terribly they also got no help from the top two teams in the group Mexico and Costa Rica as both teams gave up leads. Honduras was down 2-0 and came back to win 3-2, while panama was down 1-0 and came back through a ridiculous non-scored goal and a late minute winner. For the USA to lose to the bottom team of the group and for Honduras and Panama to beat the top teams in the group is just plainly insane. Which is why Panama celebrated the victory and qualification with a national holiday. Now the team and fans of the USA have to wait five years to maybe see the team compete at the top level again.

Countries that have already qualified:

Nigeria: First time qualifying since 1994

Egypt: First time qualifying since 1990



South Korea

Saudi Arabia





Iceland: First time ever qualifying for the world cup







Costa Rica






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