The biggest flaws in FIFA 18

Many fans have been outraged at EA Sports claiming they have 'ruined' FIFA 18.

Due to many long term issues that have followed in the game have caused for over 10,000 FIFA fans to sign a petition titled '#FixFIFA'

From funny glitches to more serious issues, here are the some of the biggest glitches that are ruining FIFA 18.

Image: A player finds an.. unusual? glitch.


Starting off with penalties. There is a continuous issue in which a slow and low driven shot will roll under the goalkeeper even if you have guessed the right way. 

FUT is all about money.

Ultimate Team is EA's main money maker - It has made them millions.

With the controversy of gambling in video games & so many young people playing FIFA, EA could have big issues if their packs were deemed as gambling.

Saving up in Ultimate Team is possible of course, but by the time you've saved enough for Lionel Messi, The next installment of FIFA will be out. If you want a FUT squad of top players, it seems the main or only way is spending ££££'s on packs.

Kick-Off Glitch

A big glitch, which has followed from the previous games, is the 'Kick off glitch'

Teams are more vulnerable during a kick off.

Defenders fall apart just after a goal and makes it easy for your opponents to run past all your team and score back. This is incredibly frustrating for you when you've just taken the lead.

EA's response to these are awful

EA are incredibly closed off and do not discuss these issues with the public.

EA Sports Community Manager released a statement on EA forums saying: 'Simply saying FixFIFA is not helpful in the slightest, what are you expecting us to do with that feedback?' which left fans outraged.

Fans have repeatedly informed EA about the game's issues but this statement seems to suggest they are unaware of these main issues.

EA seem to be in their own bubble of not knowing the issues with their own game, despite the huge amount of complaints over these glitches. They need to address the issues one by one and have more communication with fans about plans to fix these.

Have any more glitches that have frustrated you? Leave them in the comments.


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