FUTSync Live Chat Closure

In a few days/weeks, the FUTSync live chat feature will probably be closing and will no longer be available for users.

Right now, only I respond to messages - Ben & Alex both do not have access to the live chat, Meaning that I have a huge amount of messages to go through every day. And if any of you have used the chat, 50% of the time, I don't get around to responding to you. This is for many reasons: I'm asleep, Busy or not by my PC or Phone.. Or I ignore abusive messages.

Along with this, over 50% of my messages now are abusive & have no real reason as to why. Some people get a thrill out of sending abusive messages it seems. Other messages are spam, if I don't reply within 2 minutes, I receive over 100 messages in 30 seconds with random letters numbers & words, often causing my phone to crash.

After the chat has closed, you will be referred to the FUTSync Forum to ask any questions, I will reply to all messages on the forum, and other users can help each other out.

Also, using the forum will make moderating it much easier, Users must be a member to post (Unlike the chat) - meaning I can pinpoint the abuse and ban the user.

I hope you all understand, This may change in future, but as of now, the chat will be beginning to close down.


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