FUTSync August/Mid September Update!

It is now mid September, here is a quick summary of what has happened here at FUTSync over the past month and a half (that's a lot since our last update at the end of July!) We will also open up about the rest of the month and the months upcoming!

What Has Happened?

The FIFA 17 Pack Opening Simulator has completely transformed and is now a small BETA version of the new FIFA 18 Pack Opening Simulator (A full release is due any time soon, the official release date will be confirmed soon by ourselves at FUTSync on Twitter @FUTSync)

We have begun searching for bug testers and blog writers to help support the HUGE workload that Aaron is dealing with trying to make the simulator great for full release (Date to be confirmed) To apply to be a volunteer for FUTSync, Click here

FUTSync Forums are here! The forums are set up to encourage YOU to be more involved with FUTSync, you can ask any questions or discuss any problems that you have either with the game or within the website itself. All queries will be answered by Aaron, me or one of the other FUTSync Moderators. Also the members page now has very little details added telling you about the Forums and what benefits you have from being a member at FUTSync.

What Is Expected For FUTSync?

A full version of the FIFA 18 Pack Opening Simulator will be released to the world. This is expected to be released before official FIFA 18. However, the release date is yet to be confirmed.

We hope to remove most of the bugs and lag within reason (Some bugs sometimes need to stay so the game does not break.)

The mobile app for FUTSync and the FIFA 18 Pack Opening Simulator has been confirmed by Aaron and the release date for the app will be announced at a later date. For now, we will be working on updating the web version of FUTSync.

That is all that is in the works for the time being, follow @OhhDragz @FUTSync or @FUTSyncBen on Twitter for updates on the website and more importantly the FIFA 18 Pack Opening Simulator.

Myself and Aaron work very closely together to try and get the full potential and quality out of the Pack Simulator and this year will be no different as we work round the clock to make sure that this years simulator will be the biggest and the best simulator that Aaron has ever created.

Remember, for daily updates of whats happening at futsync, You can view the daily changelog here

Ben @ FUTSync


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