FIFA 19 Pack Opening Simulator: Whats new?

As you will all see - Last night we released the FIFA 19 Pack Opening Simulator on FUTSync. This year we have many things planned and hopefully big changes in the next few months.

Whats changed?

  • FIFA 19 has 404 current players available to pack - up from 367 in FIFA 18

  • FIFA 19 has dropped Heroes and TOTY - It now features:

  • Rare Gold/NR Gold, IF, OTW, Champions League, POTM, ICON & Pro.

  • New Colour theme, Previous was white/navy to navy/white on hover - the new theme is white/navy & Ultra Blue/Sky Blue/pink on hover - this is to follow the official FIFA theme.

  • Full rebranding to 19

  • New themed Store page.

  • New pack reveal - This is the same animation as 18, followed with a reveal with 2 podiums that announce the players rating, before revealing them, very similar to official FIFA.

The new pack reveal - FIFA 19

Whats Coming?

Obviously, This isn't going to be the only changes. Throughout the year new packs, players and features will be coming.

  • New set up screen - The set up screen of selecting your username and team is outdated. We plan on changing this as the team selection page has been highly requested for change. If possible, we will be adding many, many more teams & making the selection screen more tidy. Higher quality team images will also be added. Along with this; we are considering adding a 'load game' button to the start of the game so that you don't have to go through the selection process every time.

  • More packs - This is always a priority; we want to keep the game as fresh and as fun as possible. As of now, the promo packs are unavailable. The first promo pack is expected to release within the next 24 hours - More promo packs are expected this year, as the game structure now allows for more.

  • Extended transfer market - This is still currently in early stages and only allows to buy.

  • Better club management - Currently the club and squad pages can be confusing to some to manage and use, this will be improved.

  • More settings - more options to personalize the game will come available, meaning options to change your background, and maybe a few more options.

  • More on the animation - The pack animation will improve, including fireworks, and also potential for team and country on the reveal.

That's most things covered. We really appreciate any feedback & users of the FUTSync forum; more activity motivates us and we will respond to all forum posts, so definitely give us some ideas!

That's all for now, hope you all enjoy!

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