FIFA 18 Squad Builder out now!

Hi All!

In FIFA 15, We released our first ever squad builder, It was discontinued from then. However, after high demand we are glad to announce the Squad Builder has returned.

To start, open up the Squad Builder tab on the game. then to add a player to a slot, click the slot you wish (Example: GK).

Please note: You can only build a squad using players in your club.

It will then ask which club spot you wish to use, Select which player (Club Spot = the page in 'club' which they are placed.) and they will be added to that slot.

you can re-use players in slots (so you can have every spot using the same player, if you wished. Leaving the squad page will delete the squad data. Meaning every time you visit the page, the squad will be empty (your club will not be erased).

Whats to come?

There will be many additions coming to the squad builder, Here are a few things:

More formations: Currently, There is only 1 formation.

Saving squad: This will arrive soon, along with club saving.

Auto-Fill: Selecting this will randomly build you a squad using players in your club.

we hope you enjoy the squad builder! we would love to see your squads. so be sure to tweet us @FUTSync!


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