FIFA 18 Pack Opener: Full player list & Rarity revealed.

Today we rolled out our newest update to FUTSync's Fifa 18 pack simulator. This is an extremely important update for us, and it will be for you all too.

Whats happened?

The full ratings have now been added to the game. You can now pack 400 variations of players, it may not sound much, but it definitely is a lot.

The new players list contains the following card types:

  • Rare Gold

  • Non - rare gold


  • Pro

  • Hero

  • OTW

  • IF Gold

  • IF Non rare gold

More players will be added in the future as the pack simulator gets larger and includes more features.

Along with these new players comes a full new back end selection process. We have re-developed the game so it can handle many more player types, packs & features, this may not mean much to you and you may not see many changes, but this new process will mean we can release more packs, more frequently!

How hard is it to get certain players?

For the past 3 years, FUTSync packs have categorized players into 3 categories, and 7 sub categories. This consisted of:

  • Super Rare

  • Rare

  • Non rare

Super rare being Legends, Ronaldo etc.

FUTSync Packs now have many more categories and sub categories, based on their rating & card type.

Currently, Here are the chances of receiving each card type

NOTE: These may seem extremely high, because this is based on a NR Gold pack.

Rare Gold:

  • SuperRare : 0.375% ( 3/800)

  • SuperRare IF : 0.01875 (3/16,000)

  • Rare : 0.875% (7/800)

  • Rare IF: 0.04375% (7/16,000)

  • Common : 1.25% (1/80)

  • Common IF : 0.0625% (1/1,600)


  • SuperRare: 0.15% (3/2,000)

  • Rare: 0.35% (7/2,000)

  • Common: 0.1% (1/1,000)


  • SuperRare: 0.225% (9/4,000)

  • Rare: 0.525% (21/4,000)

  • Common: 0.75% (3/400)


  • SuperRare: 0.225% (9/4,000)

  • Rare: 0.525% (21/4,000)

  • Common: 0.75% (3/400)


0.015% (3/20,000)

These are the chances of receiving these in a Non Rare Gold Pack.

These *May* Be incorrect, the selection process is so vast that it may be incorrect. To my knowledge, however, they are correct.

2 new selling processes are now in the works. You should first see an update with a randomized sell price (Similar to currently, but with more categories) and then in a future, larger update, you will see an individual sell price for each player.

For any questions, please comment below.


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