FIFA 18 Icons!

If you have been living under a rock and do not know that EA have announced icons for FIFA 18 instead of legends, this is the post that will help you to understand the concept of Icons.

Unlike legends (which were exclusive to XBOX ONE) icons are available on PS4, XBOX ONE and PC. Legend cards as far as we know are being removed from the game series completely.

So far 16 Icons have been announced, these are: Pelé, Maradona, Ronaldo (R9), Yashin, Ronaldinho, Gullit, Henry, Puyol, Piero, Schmeichel, Vieira, Owen, Carlos, Okocha, Deco, Ferdinand. However, there was mention that on the FUT Live Stream that more Icons will be revealed soon!

Unlike normal FUT Cards, there is something very special about the Icons, each of the Icons have 3 variations, for example here are Pelé's three Icon cards:

Each card as you can see represents a different stage in his career with his cards improving over the time of his career.

This happens for every single one of these cards, however some players careers peak in the middle so their highest rated Icon card is their second card in the series of three.

EA have announced that the first two of the players will be in packs from global launch on the 29th September, and their peak cards will be released in special SBC's and special packs, however here at FUTSync, we realise you may not want to wait that long to pack a 98 Rated Pelé Icon, so we will have all three variations of each icon in packs ready for you to obtain from Day 1 of our FIFA 18 Pack Opening Simulator being released.

We also understand at FUTSync that although most people are now playing on XBOX ONE, PS4 or PC that there are s till some people who only have an XBOX 360 or PS3, this makes it impossible for these players to pack the new Icons, so we give the people who are still on last gen to have the opportunity to pack the players that they otherwise wouldn't be able to.

We hope you are all enjoying the news coming from both us and EA informing you about FIFA 18 and the new simulator which is coming soon, to keep up to date with all new information from us here at FUTSync, follow @FUTSync, @OhhDragz and @FUTSyncBen on Twitter, this is where you will receive all FIFA 18 and FIFA 18 Pack Opening Simulator updates!

Ben @ FUTSync


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