Become an official FIFA blog writer at FUTSync!

With the new FUTSync blog comes new opportunities. As we have said, we are looking at involving our users more. One way this is happening is with the new Forum and news page. With the new members page, you can create your own profile, be found on FUTSync and gain a following from other users!

We have decided to recruit some new blog writers. I'm very busy building the games & website that a lot of the time I do not have time to be writing blogs or news for users, if I did write the blogs, they would be rushed & boring!

To become a blog writer @ FUTSync you need to apply here.


there isn't really many requirements to become a blog writer. As the position is unpaid (Yes. Unpaid, voluntary.) all I require is your name, age (Be honest) and your correct email. From there, I will email you to discuss further, which will more than likely involve an invite for you to write a blog at FUTSync and to go from there.

This will be an unpaid position. However, FUTSync is growing. we now have 50x more users this week compared to 2 weeks ago. At this rate, we will soon be as big as FUTWiz, FUTHead etc. This means, your name is going to get known. If you want to do this as a future job, you would definitely get found by companies looking for bloggers!

So get applying & I'll be in touch right away!


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